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Launch in Second Life ...

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This Saturday at 9:00 AM SLT (that's Second Life Time ... or Pacific Time), we will be having the Visual Studio 2008/Windows Server 2008/Sql Server 2008 Launch event in Second Life. This is the first event of its kind ... yeah, there have been user group meetings, but nothing quite this big, quite t... [More]

Thoughts on Linq vs ADO.NET - Simple Query

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I had a little discussion today with an old buddy of mine this morning. I won't mention his name (didn't ask him for permission to) but those of you in Houston probably remember him ... he used to be a Microsoft guy and is probably one of the best developers in town. I have a world of respect for hi... [More]

Linq vs. ADO.NET - Simple Query

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In my last blog post, I took a look at how Linq handles anonymous types. I also promised to do some performance comparisons between Linq and traditional ADO.NET code. Believe it or not, creating a "fair" test is not as easy as one would think, especially when data access is involved. Due to the natu... [More]

Linq and Anonymous Types

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I've been playing with Linq quite a bit recently. I have to say ... it's some cool stuff and revolutionizes data access on the .Net platform. One of the things in Linq that I'm really fascinated with is anonymous types. These classes are created based on a Linq statement and only have the properties... [More]

<RANT>About Drivers and Fuel Economy</RANT>

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Driving in Houston, for those that have had the joy, is certainly an interesting experience. It's not uncommon to see a dually zipping down the Sam Houston Tollway at 90 MPH, tailgating (and they brake at the last minute when they do this) and weaving in and out of traffic, sometimes with only a foo... [More]