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Bill G's last day at MS

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.para { font-family: Tahoma, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 10pt; } Well, it's been talked about for some time ... Bill Gates will be retiring from his position as Chief Software Architect here at Microsoft. In commemeration of this (commemeration? well, I guess that works), a v... [More]

ASP.NET Perf Tips: Second Life

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I just finished my presentation on ASP.NET Performance Tips for the Second Life .NET User Group. I must say ... it went very well! The feedback from the attendees was very positive and I think everyone learned something ... if not several things. In fact, I did have one attendee say "I didn't think ... [More]

Protecting Crypto Keys

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In my last post, I discussed how to work with symmetric encryption. One thing that I mentioned, but didn't go in to, was how to protect the keys for symmetric encryption. Here's the deal: you're using 256-bit Rijndael; you're doing everything right. But what do you do with the key? This is, after al... [More]

Notes on Symmetric Cryptography

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Howdy y'all.  Me again.  I've gotten a lot of questions about doing crypto in .Net ... for some reason, it's been something that interests me quite a bit.  Now, there are a bunch of resources out there on this, but it's (apparently) not always easy to find.  So, I'm going to... [More]

Forays into LSL ...

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I've made my first foray into LSL ... the Linden Scripting Language.  This is the scripting language used by Second Life to do ... well ... all kinds of things with stuff in SL.  After spending some time playing with it and even more time fighting it, here's my own personal point of view.&... [More]

Second Life DNUG Presentation ...

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On January 9 at Noon SLT, I will be delivering a presentation on ASP.NET Performance Tips and Tricks.  I'll be covering some things are may be somewhat obvious, some things that are applicable to all .NET applications and finally, as most importantly, some tricks specifically for your ASP.NET a... [More]

Thoughts on "We Are Microsoft"

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There is an initiative here in South Central that we are working on called "We Are Microsoft".  What is it?  Well, we're collecting charities that need help with coding issues and developers that, well, write code (duh!) and matching them together.  Over a weekend, the coders will bui... [More]

.NET Framework 3.5 in Second Life

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Just got back from a presentation that my buddy Zain delivered in Second Life (where he is known as CSharp Writer) on Microsoft Island.  It was, in short, awesome!  The feedback from the folks that attended and the excitement was incredible ... watching the local chatter going on... [More]

Blog update!

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OK ... I experimented with it.  I can't say that it was bad, but there were some difficulties and overhead with using WSS for only a blog.  Had I used it for more other things, or had many blogs at the same site, it would have been better.  So ... I've moved over the dasBlog.  ... [More]

You have got to see this!

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Body: It's called the water hobo.  It's quite a work of ... well, I guess genius.  If nothing else, it's amusing as heck to see Denny Boynton with a facemask and snorkel get attacked by the water hobo.  Check it out: [More]