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A Gaming User Group?

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Well ... something like that but not exactly. There's a new user group starting up here in Houston that's going to focus on gaming ... not playing games, but creating them. They are going to focus on the tools, techniques and tips that the average developer needs to create games for XBox or Windows using the XNA toolkit.  It's called the Houston Gaming and Media User Group (HGMUG); you can check out their web site at or out on CodeZone at   There's also a Facebook Group that you can join (if you are on Facebook, that is) at They'll be meeting for the first time this coming Thursday (5/22/2008) at the Houston Microsoft office where they'll get started with some history, current theory and some best practices for game development in addition to an overview of the XNA toolkit. And, yes, there will be a death match to cap off the evening (it wouldn't be a gaming user group without it, now would it??).

Hope to see ya there!