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Fixing my instance of dasBlog

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Well, I finally have the remaining issues that I had with my dasBlog installation fixed - or at least mostly so. Of course, now I see that there is a new build out on CodePlex (mostly bug fixes) but I'm not going to bother with it at this point in time.

Still, in digging around in dasBlog, I've found a couple of things that I stumbled over that are (I feel) are issues. I'm not sure that I'd put them in a bugs per se as they don't break the application, but I do thing that they oughta be fixed. Don't get me wrong - dasBlog is a great blogging tool and pretty darn solid. I don't know if they've been fixed in the current release, but I'm gonna log them up there as well.  Both of these are in

  • Exceptions for flow control: This is is newtelligence.dasBlog.Runtime.LoggingDataServiceXml::LoggingDataService.Xml. This method appears to be using exception handling for flow control. Here's what's going on: when you load up the logs for a particular day, it goes to get those services from the file system (the default location is under the Logs folder of the root web). First it checks for archived (zipped) files ... and it does this right by checking for file existence. But ... when it looks for files in the Xml format, it doesn't check for the file existence. It just tries to open it, assuming that the file is there. Well, it may not be ... if the date is in the future or there are no logs for it (i.e. you tried to get the logs for pre-dasBlog), it throws an FileNotFoundException. This is then caught by the generic application exception handler. The simple solution is to use a wrap the using block for the new StreamReader with an if block that checks File.Exists(path).
  • newtelligence.dasBlog.Runtime.LoggingDataServiceXml.ArchiveLogFiles: This is using AppPool.QueueUserWorkItem for multi-threading. This isn't really ideal for multi-threading in a web application ... you really should use the page async model. Though ... I'm scratching my head as to the correct way to implement this. This is called by the WriteEvent method of the LoggingDataService ... so it's not something that you can really put into a PageAsyncTask. Doing so would, it seems, involved a change to the admin pages to call this on demand from the admin UI. That, however, may also violate the source independence of the archive provider.

These aren't, by any stretch of the imagination, show stoppers. The exception handling one, though, really gets under my skin. Exception handling for flow control - and I'm calling it that, though really to do so is something of a stretch because it's only caught by the application's generic handler - is pretty bad mojo. And it's expensive. Much more expensive than a simple check. Just do an MSN Search for Exception Flow Control. It's all over and it's not language-specific. Fortunately, in this case, the fix is a simple one.

I do have a little beef too, though and that's with the reporting. Daily reports into your email are good - don't get me wrong - but it'd be nice to see aggregated reports across a week, a month or more.

And yes, before you ask, I've also applied to join the team so that I can fix things and add new stuff rather than sitting here and complaining about it.