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StreamInsight Templates–New Build/Release

StreamInsight | Open Source

I just posted this last night on CodePlex. There is nothing new in there but there was some general cleaning up and some fixes to a couple of issues based on feedback. Some of the changes:

  • Added System.ServiceModel to the console project. I could have sworn it was there before …
  • Fix for the project versions. They now all (properly) show up as Fx 4.0, no client profile.
  • In the catch statements, the exception types/variables are commented out. This prevents compiler warnings.
  • Naming of variables in a couple of places to make a little more sense.
  • All input adapters now have a ProductEvents() method.
  • All output adapters now have a skeleton for ConsumeEvents() that also looks for the Stopping() state.
  • Factory classes don’t return the new adapters immediately. Instead, a temp/return variable is set and then returned after the switch statement. This makes it easier to insert custom logic for creation vs. reuse of input adapters.
  • Fix for names … some adapters didn’t have the proper file names.

I am working on templates for extensibility points and have started the UDA item template but that wasn’t quite ready for this build. There will also be templates for UDO’s and UDSO’s.

I think that covers it. As with the last release, please provide feedback.