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Windows Live Writer?

OK ... here goes.  I do have to say that I don't much like the web-based editor that dasBlog uses (FreeTextBox) for writing long entries and stuff.  It's great for shorter things where you need some HTML formatting and need to do it on the web, but when you're doing a long entry (like some of mine) ... well, it has it's challenges.  I know ... I'm being picky and persnickety. 

So, I've giving Windows Live Writer a shot.  Setup was a breeze ... enter the blog url and credentials and off it goes.  Sets itself right up and actually recognizes dasBlog.  Looking at the HTML code generated, it actually looks pretty clean (though it will be interesting to see what it does with code).  It also doesn't seem to read the entire CSS file .. just enough to allow you a preview.  It would be nice to have the CSS styles available in the editor to choose them.  Minor complaints, really.  I do like quite a bit of what it does, particularly how you can save a local draft. 

So ... here goes ... wish me luck!



A couple of minutes later ...

Posted it ... showed up right away.  Hmm, not bad.  HTML was clean so CSS styles applied.  Good.  And now ... I'm opening the same post again and adding some babble into it.